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Mood Boosting Pieces

Mood Boosting Pieces


If you saw my Instagram post on Mental Health Awareness Day, you will know that things have been a little hard for me recently.  Deciding to be brave and share my own challenges was a scary prospect but I'm so glad I did; the support has been great and it led me to think about what things really affect how I'm feeling and what I can do to help when I'm feeling low.  

I once lived in a very dark & dingy basement flat in London where my bedroom window was a mere slit, high up on a wall and covered with bars. Some would say it was more like a prison cell and I hated it. Sound appealing?  Not really!  To top it off, we were burgled 5 months after moving in so needless to say we used the 6-month break clause so we didn't have to live there anymore.  Oh, the relief!!   

But maybe it's just me who is so affected so much by my surroundings?  As my love of interiors & design has grown, I decided to look into this idea further and have found many people agree with me and in fact there are plenty of published articles all about it.  This article in particular resonated with me.  

Over the years, I have seen how much my environment impacts my mood, so now seems a good time to change things up and add some mood boosting pieces to my home.

Flamingo Lamp (£135, Graham & Green)

From the very first moment I saw this lamp, I knew I had to have it.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might have seen my post about the style in my Guest Room 


I have some amazing Flamingo wallpaper from Cole & Sons and an incredible pink chair from Loaf.  This lamp would look perfect in the room but I just can't decide whether to go for the Grey or Pink!  Answers on a postcard please.... 

Once I've decided, it will definitely be firmly on my Christmas* list

Fenella smith Cushion, (£45, John Lewis)

Flamingos & pineapples are becoming a bit of a theme in things I like.  These cushions from Fenella Smith, available exclusively at John Lewis, are lovely and very on trend.  Flamingos & pineapples, seem to be two of my favourites things at the moment and this printed cushion will add some fun and a burst of colour to any space.   


I also spotted this palm tree & zebra print too - love a palm tree and the aqua colour.  Combining a linen cover with feather pad, these cushions make a pretty addition to any room and will definitely bring a smile to someone's face.

Knitted Bean Bags, (£245, Loaf)

Remembering childhood days, lounging on a cosy beanbag & watching Back to the Future (1, 2 & 3) brings back many happy memories, so what could be better to lift any mood, but a grown-up bean bag.  


This knitted version from Loaf is a new edition to their range and I am now desperately trying to figure out how I can find space for one in my sitting room as it would just be so lovely to snuggle down in on a cold, damp day.

Washed Linen Bedding, (from £40, Cox & Cox)

Having beautiful bedding to climb into at night is a perfect way to prepare for a good night's sleep.  The power of sleep should never be underestimated in helping your mood.  These sheets are handmade in Portugal from beautiful soft washed Belgian linen and have a lovely relaxed, creased look and feel heavenly on your skin.  


Available in 5 colours, Soft Blush, Soft Grey, Dusky Sage, White & Vintage Rose each set comes complete with button fastenings arrives in a drawstring linen bag.  Once in a while, we're all allowed to just stay in bed all day, there's nothing to feel guilty for!

January Six Drawer Chest (£525, Oliver Bonas)

Each piece is handcrafted in India from sustainable mango wood, I love the combination of the contemporary unstained finish, modern metallic & leather handles and the pops of pink & aqua.  It's such a versatile piece that could work for the bedroom, hallway or living room. 


I'm thinking this would look great in my dining room and I know the quality will be great as I already have the Meryl Chest in my hallway!  I'm just waiting to add another piece from the range to by collection.

Luxury Wool & Cashmere Throw, (£170, The White Company)

Made from two of the world’s finest woollen yarns, this luxurious throw is most definitely an investment piece.  I'm a sucker for a sales pitch and this one makes me want it even more.  


The White Company says "a blissfully soft and cosy cashmere and wool blend, this light throw has a comforting feel with an elegant drape. What makes our quality blend of wool extra special is its natural temperature-regulating benefits; it will cleverly store some of your body heat when you’re warm and release the heat when you’re cold to help keep you the perfect temperature."  WANT IT.

Spa Restore Diffuser, (£35, The White Company)

And finally, when you go to a spa, the first thing you notice as you walk through the door is the amazing smell.  The Spa Restore fragrance from The White Company epitomises that scent beautifully.  Refreshingly cool and rejuvenating, notes of relaxing neroli blend with warming geranium and re-energising eucalyptus to create a scent that reinvigorates and rejuvenates the senses. 


It's something I love having in my home.  Smell has such power to invoke memories, mood & feeling and I love remembering the feeling I get when I visit a spa so I'm very happy to smell this every single day. Total bliss.

All in all, I genuinely believe that making your home a haven is a great way to help boost your mood.  We all want to be surrounded by things & people we love, so filling your home with lovely pieces is always a great idea in my book.  

I hope you enjoyed reading and might have found a piece or two that takes your fancy.  I would love to hear from you if you do buy anything or if you have a brand I should try, so do get in touch.

Thanks for reading. Until next Sunday....

From Charlotte x

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