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We all lead such busy lives sometimes it can all feel a little overwhelming.  When I get to that point and know I need a bit or R&R, the Four Seasons in Hampshire is always my first choice.  



5 mins from junction 5 on the M3, It's only a 45-min drive from SW London so totally doable for a Spa day.  You can also jump on the train from Waterloo to Fleet (45-mins) and then jump in a taxi for a short ride to the hotel.  I have yet to stay at the hotel overnight but it looks incredible. Maybe one day!  It's a very imposing country style hotel reached via a long sweeping driveway complete with cattle grids, making sure you really feel like you are in the heart of the countryside.


Upon arrival, I was greeted by a lovely lady who gave me the obligatory form to fill in and showed me to a little sitting area where there was coffee, tea & juice plus fresh fruit & delicious muffins - my favourite was the bran muffin which I was very surprised about. as there was no chocolate involved at all!  The building is a converted 18th-century stable block with modern interiors featuring polished natural materials and is so inviting and makes you feel relaxed as soon as you arrive.


I opted for a Restore Day Retreat which includes 2 hours of spa treatments, full use of the spa facilities, two course light lunch in Cafe Sante and you even leave with a nice spa gift at the end of the day.  Unlike a lot of other spa days, there are a lot of treatments to choose from; 30, 60 or 90 mins so you can you decide what works best for you.  I do think it's best to choose your treatments in advance so you can have everything you want at the times you chose.  The facilities are open from 6:30am - 10pm so you really can get a whole day of chilling.

I had a Nourishing Body Envelopment and an aromatherapy massage, both of which were lovely and oh so relaxing.  I have just checked out their website and they have introduced some new treatments so I can't wait to try some of those out,  The Beautiful Rose Spice Candle Massage sounds right up my street.  "combined with soy, coconut oil and a unique blend of rose and frankincense essential oils, the warm, melted candle wax is drizzled over the neck, back, arms and legs using gentle strokes and stretches, delicately moisturizing the skin and melting away pain and tension" PURE BLISS


The treatment rooms are all dark & cosy and very quiet as they are away from the rest of the facilities.  I once went to a spa where the rooms were only separated by a thin white curtain and for the price I expected more; instead I could hear everyone walking around and all the conversations going on in other areas which was really annoying.  No such problems at the Four Seasons.

After my treatments, I was taken to the relaxation room where there are the comfiest V shaped beds with lots of lovely blankets.  It really is the perfect place to have a little snooze after your treatment to allow you to make the most of that post-treatment zen feeling.


The ladies changing rooms are spacious and well equipped.  There are plenty of lockers and the floor between the lockers that I used was heated which was lovely & toasty on bare feet.  There is a gorgeous indoor swimming pool inside a big glasshouse which makes it really light & airy.  The loungers at the far end make it a really lovely place to chill out & relax.

Outside there is a small pool a few different types of water jets which are really good for easing muscles.  

Hidden around a corner is a Steam room & Sauna so whether you crave dry or humid heat, there is something for everyone.  I personally prefer the sauna and crave that warmth!  The ceiling has some sweet little twinkly lights making it a very calm space.  


Café Santé is the perfect place to relax before or after your spa treatment & it's totally appropriate to sit in your dressing gown.  It serves fresh, healthy salads & made-to-order hot dishes in an airy glasshouse setting.  Desserts can be a little bit indulgent or healthy depending on your preference and everything is accompanied by a wide selection of herbal teas, coffee, power drinks and juices.  I opted for Prawn Pad Thai followed by a mini chocolate brownie 



I have been on spa days several times with friends, with my Mum & even by myself and I love it every single time.  I can't wait for my next visit and maybe one day, I'll treat myself to a stay in one of the rooms in the hotel which look stunning & very sumptuous.  Best get saving!

I hope you enjoyed reading, if you have a favourite place to visit I'd love to hear about it so I can visit too, so do get in touch.

Thanks for reading. Until next Sunday....

From Charlotte x

Spa days start from £130, Images Four Seasons & From Charlotte

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