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Blusher Edit

Next up in My Beauty Edit series, my blusher edit.  I'm comparing cream, powder & liquid blushers, pinks and peaches, mattes and shimmers. The whole shebang! 

Blusher is the one of the best ways to lift your face and definitely helps make you look less tired.  We can all do with that sometimes!  A gentle flush brings youthful prettiness to all skin tones and types.

Concealer Edit

In the second in the series, this week, it's my concealer edit.  Is it worth spending money on concealer or can you get away with a more purse friendly option?

The most critical thing with make-up, and concealer in particular, is skincare preparation.  I always make a special effort to prep the under eye area with a hydrating eye cream which refreshes the skin, plumps away fine lines and creates a smooth canvas for concealer.  But which concealer to buy?

Mascara Edit

I promised a more in depth look into certain product categories, and up first is my favourite product, mascara.  I couldn't live without it and if I could only have one make-up product, this would be it.  

But is it worth investing in expensive ones?  How much do you spend on mascara?  I have to admit to be a bit of a mascara snob so spend a fair bit on my mascara.  But is it worth the investment, I'm going to find out!

5 Make Up Must-Haves

I've made no secret of just how much of a beauty addict I am.  If I showed you quite how large my collection of make-up is I'm not sure you would believe it.  If I bothered to do some maths and added quite how much money I have spent on it all, I think I'd be horrified.  I'm not going to do that.  

But, there are a few products that I could not live without and I wear most days.  

Double Cleansing for life

At this time of year, I don't know about you, but my skin is definitely feeling it.  Let's face it, by mid-December we have all had a long year - work, life, fun, maybe a glass of wine or two & now the cold weather, can play havoc with our skin.  I've been taking some extra time to really look after my skin recently and that includes Double Cleansing. But what is it all about?


As much as I did love that extra hour in bed this morning I'm no fan of Daylight Saving.  I have to admit, I do prefer the lighter mornings but I hate that it gets dark so early.  Can't we have light mornings and evenings al year round?!  

Now on to the fun stuff, the things I have been loving in October.  I really hope you enjoy & might see something that catches your eye.

Bobbi Brown Pro Studio, Soho

When I heard that the first ever Bobbi Brown Pro Studio was opening in Soho, I was very excited.  How lucky that Bobbi Brown picked the UK for this!  Having recently rediscovered the brand through Hannah Martin on YouTube.  She recently did a video featuring the new Crushed Lip Colour that changed my view on lipstick.

Beauty Must Haves : Everyday Make Up Faves

My make-up collection is pretty sizeable but I just don't have the time or patience to do anything long & complicated day to day.  So, I have a few products that I use to do my everyday makeup, which takes no more than 5-10 mins, and thought I would share my current go to products with you.