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New Home Office Inspiration

New Year, New Job.  Next month I start a new job having been at my previous company for just over 10 years.  It's an exciting time and something I'm really looking forward to.  

It's also made me reassess a few things and realise that the one of the rooms in my house is wasted as a bedroom.  For 360 days a year, it's currently not used at all and I've realised that's ridiculous so I'm turning it into a home office.

Dressing table loveliness

If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I have developed somewhat of an obsession with make-up & beauty (exhibit A: look at all those make-up brushes) so a dressing table has become a must when it came to choosing a dressing table, I struggled to find one I liked, that was narrow enough and not too pricey.

Deck the halls

I'm one of those people who loves Christmas but not as much as my Mum!  I love the build up the most - decorating the house, buying the presents and deciding on which wrapping paper to use this year. 

I really see my Christmas tree and decorations as an extension of my style and want to make sure it complements the all-year-round decor in the house.  I change it up every few years and literally start again, although there are always some sentimental pieces that remain.  

I'm also annoyingly organised when it comes to buying presents and if I see the perfect gift for someone in June, I buy it anyway and keep it in my present drawer until Christmas arrives! 

Crockery for all Occasions

I really enjoy cooking when I have time and love nothing more than having pretty crockery to serve it on.  Whether it's just a a plate on my lap in front of the TV (only honesty here!) or a full blown lunch or supper served at the dining table for family & friends, having a nice selection of crockery to chose from is something I have spent years building.  

Mood Boosting Pieces

If you saw my Instagram post on Mental Health Awareness Day, you will know that things have been a little hard for me recently.  Deciding to be brave and share my own challenges was a scary prospect but I'm so glad I did; the support has been great and it led me to think about what things really affect how I'm feeling and what I can do to help when I'm feeling low.  Over the years, I have seen how much my environment impacts my mood, so now seems a good time to change things up and add some mood boosting pieces to my home.

An Oasis of Calm

With the ever-increasing pace of life & how hectic everything is, I decided it was really important to make my bedroom a very calm space - MY SANCTUARY.

As you will know if you have been reading my blog or following me on instragram, I love colour, but in this room, I keep things a lot more muted.  

Be My Guest

I want my guests to feel as comfortable in my home as they do in their own.  I made a point of sleeping in my main guest bedroom so I could see what it was like for guests.  And I must say, I would love to come and stay at my house!

Oh How I Love A Pop Of Colour

I LOVE COLOUR.  It has the power to brighten any day & I especially love this pink chair!  When I bought my house last year I treated myself to some lovely new furniture.  But it started an addiction; an addiction to Loaf.  My name is Charlotte, and I am a Loaf addict.