Charlotte Tice


I'm Charlotte.  I grew up in Dorset, went to University in Bristol and then moved to London and have been here living & working here ever since.

I started a career in marketing & advertising in 2004,  working with great brands including Chanel, Land Rover & American Express.  I have built strong relationships with some of the biggest media brands including Vogue, The Times, Marie Claire & Elle and of course platforms like Facebook & Instagram.  So, I thought why not use some of the things I have learnt in my own blog.


So what will you find on my blog?

INTERIORS   Homeware & creating lovely spaces.. I'm always looking for new pieces for my home.

BEAUTY   I've developed somewhat of an addiction to make up even though I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing half the time and have finally understood the importance of skincare. About time!

DESTINATIONS   I love a holiday and visiting new places.  Living in London & escaping to the country or seaside.

LIFESTYLE   Everything from fashion to flowers, gifts to gardening.  I've been told I have a knack for buying gifts so why not share?

I upload every Sunday so be sure to come back then.  Don't forget to follow me on your favourite social channel - you can find me on InstagramFacebook & Twitter.

I hope you enjoy reading  & I look forward to seeing you again soon